Senior Staff

yoel-daninoYoel Danino – Co-Owner and President
Yoel has cultivated a deep understanding of Israel’s Biblical, archeological, and cultural roots; first at Beit Berel College, where he majored in Israel History and Geography, next, over the course of 12 years managing tour coordination for Israeli high schools and also for the Society for Protection of Nature in Israel, and finally, during 7 years of training groups in field crafts and wilderness skills.

Since founding Yael Adventures nearly 20 years ago, Yoel has worked diligently to provide visitors to Israel unique ways to discover, to learn about, and to marvel at the splendor of the country. These special opportunities Yoel creates can range from a pilgrimage within the fragile co-existence of multiple religions in Jerusalem to an exploration of the Judean desert or the Negev, where one experiences the challenges and beauty of nature.

Yoel believes that such experiences can be unlocked in many different ways; whether it’s hiking in the Galilee, traversing the Sinai wilderness or studying the Scriptures as texts. There is, however, one common element to each of these adventures, namely, giving our clients an experience that is rich with a spiritual, historic and human touch.


20140624_151239Nir Maor – Co-Owner and CEO
Nir Maor, our CEO, holds a Bachelor in Earth Sciences and a master’s degree in geology from the University of Haifa. Nir guided and lectured for over ten years in guide courses and seminars all over Israel. Nir has familiarity with Israel’s many trails and sites, thus giving him an opportunity to customize a program suited for traveling.

For the past five years, Nir has served as director of marketing and sales for Yael Adventures operations in Israel, and has recently began to serve as the company CEO.

Nir believes that a good trip begins with a deep understanding of the traveler’s wishes and then adjusts the program to their needs.


Tamrat Tadesse – East African Sales Manager

Tamrat came to Israel from Ethiopia in 1991 with his family. He completed his academic studies with a Bachelor’s degree in management and political science at the Open University and is also a graduate of the College of Investigation and Security

Tamrat served as Director for 6 years in a unit tasked to guard VIPs and government ministers in the VIP Protection Division Mikud Group.

In recent years, he  has been active in the import and export business between Ethiopia and Israel. Additionally, he serves as CEO for TWT promotion and tours to Israel.

Tamrat believes that customer satisfaction actually materializes when all of the little details come together. Therefore the best customer service is measured by attention to detail and accuracy.


Porit Avigdori – Vice President, Marketing & Sales Department

Porit was born and raised in Israel.  She is married with 3 children, and lives in a small pastoral village near the Sea of Galilee.  She graduated from Bar-Ilan University with a BA in Social Science and Geography.  In addition, Porit is certified as a travel agent from the Israel School of Tourism at Haifa University.

Porit loves Israel—the landscapes, the beauty of the nature, the vibrant culture, the historical and archeological sites… But what she loves most: all the people from different faiths who share the Holy Land together.  This is what makes Israel so unique.

Having promoted and organized trips to Israel from all over the world for the last 10 years, Porit will be happy to plan your trip with passion and dedication.  Her experience and knowledge will make your trip a memorable one.



Natalie Jing –  Manager of Chinese Market & Vice President of Business Development

 Natalie holds a M.A. degree in Theory of Literature and Art from the Nanjing University in China.  Afterwards she worked many years in marketing and business development management for NASDAQ-listed green energy companies, both in China and Israel.   After that, she moved to the incoming tourism industry.  Natalie lives both in Israel and China.